Mekong Delta crisp water from the River and rainwater. Both sources are portrayed particularly regular. The normal measure of water coursing more than 810 billion m3 and around 123-393 million tons transported silt. The fundamental volume of water and silt in the improvement procedure makes enduring Plains today.

Mekong River framework blend of vast and little waterways, so productive, year-round supply of crisp water. Amid the dry season from November to April, it is the main water source. In rain, the normal yearly precipitation ranges from 1,900 mm in the west to 1,800 mm in the district and 1,120 mm in the focal eastern locale. Surge season, generally happens in September, real stream flooding.

Hydrological administration has 9 gimmicks:
Crisp squeeze and surges in the stormy season dregs exchange, planktonic hatchlings.
Juice salt in the dry season in waterfront zones.
Acidic juice into corrosive sulfate soils in the stormy season.
Mekong Delta have expansive stores of underground water. Mining yield is evaluated at 1 million m3/ day, primarily for household water supply.


The aggregate range of roughly 7.56 million hectares of the Mekong Delta Tours, of which around 1.60 million hectares are utilized for the advancement of agribusiness and aquaculture represented 65%. In horticultural area, product area represented in excess of half yearly, which essentially rice development on 75%. Soil color concentrated yields and transient modern harvests around 350,000 ha, perpetual area represented in excess of 280,000 ha, pretty nearly 38.2% of the common zone.

Intertidal zone blankets a region of around 670,000 ha, of which 100,000 ha are proficient saltwater aquaculture, harsh water. As indicated by an overview in 1965 0,518 million ha of backwoods area, of which 211230 ha of woodland area and 216300 hectares of woods. The rate of backwoods spread is just 5%. Come with Mekong delta tours.